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2011 Raceboard Masters Europeans - the races

Even the top contenders decided to give up and wait for less challenging sea condition in the last race of the second day at the Raceboard Masters European Championship, in Cagliari. The waves breaking on the beach, pushed by winds gusting to 20 knots were enough to recommend a complete day off or an earlier return to shore to part of the fleet.

Franck Luop of France finished first in race 4 and 5, finally passing Fernando Lamadrid of Spain, who had the perfect score at end of the opening day.

Only four boards went through the finish line for race 6 and Frank Spoettel (GER 114) was first, ahead of Paul Leone (GBR 1111), Jean Asia (FRA 171) and Philippe Dubois (FRA 511). The bronze medalist will probably be picked out of this group and for what we've seen so far it would be difficult for anybody to challenge Lamadrid and Luop for the top two spots.